• District level training programe
  • Dr.P.Rajasekhar,ADR,RARS,Tirupati visit KVK farm implements on 24.11.18
  • Dr.P.Rajasekhar,ADR,RARS,Tirupati visit KVK Apiary unit at KVK farm on 24.11.18
  • Hands on training in Azolla to AEOs and MPEOs
  • KVK scientis Participated Eruvaka pournami at Palamaner on 28.06.18
  • PRA conducted during village adoption programme
  • Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr.V.Dhamodhara Naidu visit Civil works at KVK, Kalikiri on 23.01.19
  • Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr.V.Dhamodhara Naidu visit KVK Nursery on 23.01.19
  • Dr.P.Rajasekhar, Associate Director of Research, RARS, Tirupati visited KVK nursery
  • Dr.P.RamBabu, Director of Extension, ANGRAU visited KVK nursery
  • Dr.P.Reddi Kumar, Programme Coordinator, Delivered lecture on SERP District level training programme
  • Celebration of Swachhata Pakhawada programme at KVK farm Kalikiri
  • Celerabated World Soild Day 2018 delivered lecture on Soil day importance Dr.M.Reddi Kumar, Programme Coordinator
  • Daignostic field vist on Maize
  • Field daignsotic visit Tomato
  • Field visit on Groundnut
  • Field visit on Paddy
  • 5 day Skill development training programme on value addition to Millets for women at KVK Kalikiri from 17th to 22nd September, 18 and Dean of Home Science ANGRAU Dr.L.Uma Devi
  • organized training programme to BTMs and ATMs of Chittoor district on Pest Management in Major Crops of Chittoor District at KVK , Kalikiri on 21.06.2018

Plant Protection


             Plant Protection:

      Trial. 1/OFT/KVK/KLK/Kharif/2012    

Management of PSND in groundnut


To control PSND in kharif groundnut, seed treatment with imidacloprid @1 m.l and mancozeb@ 3 g per kg of seed; intercropping with redgram at 7:1 ratio; border cropping with 3-4 rows of bajra/jowar and one spraying of  monocrotophos @1.6 m.l/lit was followed. By practicing this farmers got nearly 8500/- net income per hectare. 

Crop Production

Trial. 1/FLD/KVK/KLK/Kharif/2012

Popularization of intercropping in groundnut with redgram


Intercropping of rainfed groundnut (Dharani) with redgram (TRG-38) obtained an additional  income of Rs.12290/ha and benefit cost ratio of 1.54 compared to sole groundnut crop during kharif 2012

Trial. 2/FLD/KVK/KLK/Kharif/2012

 Crop diversification in groundnut with redgram


Redgram (TRG-38) recorded the seed yield of 865kg/ha with an additional income of Rs 16825/ha and benefit cost ratio of 2.16 than monocropping of groundnut in westren mandals of chittoor Dt during kharif,2012

Trial. 3/FLD/KVK/KLK/Rabi/2012

Popularization of chemical weed management for the control of weeds in sugarcane


popularization of chemical weed management in sugarcane. At present the crop is at 45-50DAP. Post emergence herbicides  will be distributed during the last week of March,2013.

Plant Protection:

Trial. 1/FLD/KVK/KLK/Kharif/2012

Mangement of Leaf miner in groundnut


To control groundnut leaf miner, intercropping with jowar at 7:1 ratio and arranging pheromone traps @ 4/acre were followed and the farmer got nearly 10,150/- rupees net income per hectare.




News & Events

TV Programmes

Parthenium nivarana by Dr.D.subramanyam in ETv Annadhata  Tomatolo AakuMaadu - SamagraYaajamaanyam by  Dr. P.V. Satyagopal on 22-01-13 in CVR News  

Radio Programmes

Phone in live on “Mondijaathi kalupumokkala nivarana by Dr.D.Subramanyam, SMS(CP) in AIR, Tirupati. Radio talk on “Partheniumvalana jarege nastalu mariyou nivarana by Dr.D.Subramanyam, SMS(CP) in AIR, Tirupati..

Press Reports

Cherukulo sukshma dhathu lopalu by Dr.P.V.satyagopal et al in EEnadu. Bhusara parrekshalu thappanisari by Dr.P.V.satyagopal et al in Saakshi


Varshadhara veerusenaga saagulo melakuvalu by Dr.P.V.SatyaGopal and his team Verusenaga lo virus thegullu samagra sasya rakshana by Dr.P.V.SatyaGopal and his team..

Successful Technologies

Home Science

T 1 = Before Growing the Nutritional Garden T2 = After Growing the Nutritional Garden Growing a Nutritional Garden is to provide the nutritional food to farm women and their family members to improve the intake.....

Crop Production

Evaluation of rice variety NDLR-7 against BPT 5204 Rice variety NDLR-7 was tested against BPT-5204 in 10 locations of western parts of chittoor district. The results revealed that NDLR-7 recorded the grain yield.....

Plant Protection

Management of PSND in groundnut To control PSND in kharif groundnut, seed treatment with imidacloprid @1 m.l and mancozeb@ 3 g per kg of seed; intercropping with redgram at 7:1 ratio; border cropping with 3-4.....

Success Stories

Beneficieries of Ram Lambs

D.Venkataramana is one of the many Ram Lambs beneficiery he belongs to Gollatouuvaddipalle village in Pathegada Gram panchayat and Kalikiri  Mandal.

KVK Kalikiri Videos



Jaikisan AP 15th July 19 Coconut farmer feedback


Groundnut Dharani Feedback


Dharani GroundNut Crop

Kalikiri - Krishi Vigyan Kendra, has tested a power weeder in paddy plot which is directly sown using drumseeder. The width of wheels is modified accordingly so that it fits perfectly in the 20 cm inter row. Direct seeding in rice is a resource efficient rice production technology and is the viable alternative to traditional transplanting method. RASS-Krishi Vigyan Kendra introduced this method in.